Wednesday, August 31, 2011

charlie plays dress-up!

The weekend that Jon and I went to Chicago, Charlie stayed the weekend with his aunt Margaret. She adores Charlie and he likes her too :) Starting Friday night (after Jon popped the big question!) she sent us "themed" pictures of C each day!

This was Friday night after we called her and told her we were engaged! Isn't he a handsome in his tux?!

The next day Charlie graduated from obedience school - with flying colors, of course! So that called for a celebration! Margaret is training Charlie to be a therapy dog and he first had to past an obedience class. They start the therapy dog certification in September.

While we were in Chicago we went to the Jimmy Buffett concert....Charlie decided to go to Margaritaville too!!!!

and on the day we came home, we received this picture with the text that said..."hurry home, can't wait to see your ring!"

* no worries, no alcohol was consumed by charlie :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

aaaaaannnndddd WE'RE BACK!

Wow, can't believe it is August and it has been 6 months since I have done a post. C and I have had a very eventful past few months. We made the move to Memphis, TN..yes, that's right - home to blues, bbq and elvis! I love my new job and C has been settling quite well in his new home town. Jon says C likes having a "man in his life" all the time! ANNNDDD the best news is that me and Jon are engaged!!!!! Here are a few pictures from C's recent adventures :)C after his first bath. He goes to Brown Dog Lodge and they love him!!l

Sunday, February 13, 2011

charlie plays in the snow!

We had almost 2 feet of snow last week! Charlie did NOT know what to think and he wouldn't go off the patio sooooo here is what I did..... The snow was on the ground for several days and Charlie made himself a track around the entire yard - smart dog! :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

charlie's snow day(s)....

Charlie now lives in the frozen tundra. We have been snowed in for over 48 hours and I think we BOTH are going a little stir crazy now!

Day 1...checking out the snow

it wore him out, so he spent the rest of the day here.

kept snowing and snowing and snowing sooo....

he had happy hour but he didn't drink much of it....I think he likes the real stuff better :)

Day 2..

look at the face...no, charlie you can not have my sandwich!

cabin fever setting in....he literally just sat there and looked side to side and I'm sure he was thinking "what the heck is all this white stuff that sticks to my fur when I try to walk in it!?"
and that wore him out too!

Weather is not looking any better for the next day or so..........I'm thinking we are BOTH going to have to brave the elements tomorrow and get out of this house!!

Monday, January 31, 2011

charlie meets willow!

I went to the races this weekend with some girls from college so Charlie got to stay at home. He ALWAYS travels with me so its weird to leave him at home but I'm so thankful for good friends that want to keep an eye out on Charlie boy! My friend Anne came over to check on him Saturday and Elizabeth brought her dog Willow over to play with Charlie. According to Anne, Charlie wasn't too amused with Willow but I think he warmed up to her just a bit.

Monday, January 24, 2011

charlie goes to the office...

Charlie made a visit to Margaret's office while we were in Memphis last weekend. Everyone at her office LOVES Charlie and I am known as "charlie's mom" :) We have decided that Charlie is a great stress reliever during tax season so I see many more trips to the office in our future. The only pic I got while we were there was in the elevator. It is really blurry but he was so amused with looking at himself in the door!

on his way!

charlie's new pillow

I think this picture is so sweet! Charlie is cuddling with my brace...obviously he thinks its comfortable :)